Call for Master Thesis in a Social Science Research Projects

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Write your Master Thesis in one of two timely research projects with Dr. Nils Matzner. Your opportunities are getting data to analyze, discussing your results with team members and to publish your thesis.

  Project 1: BioNET

The BioNET project investigates methods of bio-based carbon dioxide removal (aka negative emission technology) and their societal embeddedness. The project performed surveys, interviews, and stakeholder workshops with diverse actors in Germany, which are linked biomass based carbon dioxide removal. This material provides insights for the various issues of regulation, society “trust”, market readiness and more.


Topics in the projects are, among others

-          Local stakeholder perspectives

-          “Trust” in emerging technologies

-          Regulatory issues of (bio)CDR

-          Politics of (bio)CDR

  Project 2: WorkPanRisk

The project started during the Corona pandemic in order to investigate the changes in the world of work. Since Corona is over, we compare the changes in the world of work before, during and after the pandemic. Furthermore, digitalization is a key aspect that got pushed forward with Corona.


Topics in the projects are, among others

-          Adjustments of work to Corona and other crisis

-          Digitalization in the world of work

-          Comparison of Germany with other countries in modes of work

Working in the projects

Your opportunities

-          Being part of a research team with many opportunities for support and feedback

-          Already available qualitative and quantitative datasets can be analyzed

-          Project networks to stakeholders or interviewees can be use


-          Active inscription at University Hamburg or Technical University Munich

-          Choose a topic that is in or adjacent to the project topic

-          Share your analysis and results with the project team

Contact: nils.matzner@tum.de or nils.matzner@uni-hamburg.de



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